what is the relationship between community and the curation of information?

absolutely love this article by sari azout about the role of a new economy surrounding curation, knowledge management, and community.

We are living through the emergence of a new business category that doesn’t even have a name yet, but which I believe will become an important part of our digital lives: online communities at the intersection of content curation and knowledge management.

she brings up some really interesting points re: what happens when we try to navigate through information glut

There’s a whole economy around _knowledge organization_ available for the taking.  Three intersecting problems remain unsolved: 
1. Our feed-based information architecture is obsessed with the present.
2. We consume information recreationally, not as a way to achieve our goals.
3. Curation has been too focused on the information and not enough on architecture; how we collect, store, augment, and utilize what’s already in our minds.

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