finally published my MA thesis

to be honest – there’s too much to catch up on to properly post it here. much of it happened in webs & drawings & on the page… and the webs of thought that spawned out of it.

i’ll add in some key terms though: open source humanitarianism + accumulation through incorporation + [[ spaces of connection ]]

i’m going to be posting a summary on openstreetmap diaries (the internal blogging system of osm) – with a deeper especially, once i’ve reviewed some of the comments i received from people involved in osm

! [[ ma-toc-2022.png ]]

thinking more explicitly about networked citations here: «««< HEAD what started with hackers because a conservation with and [[ humanitarian|on humanitarians]]… which became a conversation about [[innovation]] and [[humanitarian tech]]… and then [[open-street-map]] and the [[open ]] [[ open-and-closed ]]

somewhere in it all is the relationship with [[ business and human rights]] and [[csr ]], but that will take a bit longer to untangle ======= on humanitarians [[ open-street-map ]] [[ open-and-closed ]]


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