planting my digital garden

First seeds

With the rise of platforms like medium and substack, I’ve been wondering what the role of a personal website or blog is these day. So when I started this digital garden, I wondered what role it would play in the wider landscape of social media/network/project/platform we have before us.

It’s not a linear portfolio (that’s what linkedin and CVs are for) or visual eye candy (which is instagram’s turf). It’s not for polished publications, the kind written for academic journals and media platforms. Neither is it a collection of the voicenotes I send to friends and family, or really, anything private at all. I also hope that these gardens are not simply for clout or self-promotion. Are they an attempt to capture the hive mind? A way of engaging the “public square”, but online?

Will be reading up on these philosophies soon. In the meantime, I planted some initial seeds about link rot and digital litter. I also reminded myself that the digital =/= physical, with some photos of aiguille de tour and the alhambra.

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